General question for Lead Generation


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I run an online Marketing Agency. If I were useing Facebooks ads for lead generation for say a Chiropractor or Plastic Surgeon. The potential customer would be presented with the Ad on facebook, sent to a website and asked for their Name, Email and Phone number for the Chiropractor or Plastic Surgeon to follow up with and book an appointment. Does that name email and phone number fall under HIPA compliance just for generating the lead? In other words does the destination email inbox where the customers 3 pieces of information land have to be HIPA compliant or is a gmail account ok?


Staff member
HIPAA compliance has many grey areas. The answer to your question would greatly depend on the policies on the destination website and what the user must agree to before completing the form. Generally speaking, HIPAA compliance does not "require" email encryption, however, since the law has been enacted in 1996 and signed into law by president Bill Clinton, there have been a LOT of technology and security improvements since 1996. Encryption nowadays is cheap and easy to implement. I'd recommend solid policies and procedures, paired with encryption layers.
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