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    Is it true that hackers are targeting medical practices more and more?

    With so many massive breaches, why do you think practices refuse to take the steps they need to take to keep their patients' medical data safe and become HIPAA compliant?
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    About those HIPAA fines…

    If HIPAA doesn’t discriminate between "Did Not Know" and "Willful Neglect," or "Corrected" and "Not Corrected,” why don’t they just have 2 categories? :unsure:
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    A lot can happen in a year…

    What if we get attacked or audited during the 12 months that you are making my practice compliant?
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    I’m not sure where to put this but I have a question about Business Associates (BAs).

    Can I get in trouble if my BA told me they are HIPAA compliant but they actually aren’t?
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    Question about your notification policy…

    If HHS doesn’t require us to notify patients every time we are breached, why do you recommend it?
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    Encryption Question

    Why isn’t the rule on encryption more specific?
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    What’s Blockchain security?
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