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  1. EmEm

    What type of training do you provide?

    And what will the training do to help our staff?
  2. EmEm

    If it’s practically impossible for a business to become HIPAA compliant on their own, how come the government doesn’t help more?

    I mean, it seems like they do everything in their power to make a difficult task even more difficult and confusing... Don’t THEY care about the security of their citizens’ PHI?
  3. EmEm

    Training question…

    Once my staff is trained by you, what should I do if I hire a new employee?
  4. EmEm

    HIPAA Fines are so confusing!

    Why hasn’t HIPAA done something to the fines easy to calculate? How is that fair?
  5. EmEm

    Are your services guaranteed?

    What happens if we purchase this and we get attacked by a hacker?
  6. EmEm

    Be straight with me…

    Did the government make this purposefully confusing so they could collect millions of dollars from us? Why in the world wouldn’t
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